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  • Multi-Channel Ecommerce Platform
  • As a multi-Channel eCommerce service, Xcommerce helps online sellers to solve all kinds of problems on online platforms. Xcommerce comes up with a perfect real-time management system (order receptions, stock updates, logistics, fulfillments and reports), order-increasing Sale Page and 24-hours customer service. Do less. Get more with Xcommerce.
  • Social Media E-Commerce Platform
  • Page365 is Thailand’s leading e-commerce platform which provides social selling tools, including CRM, transaction facilitator and data analytics for sellers on Facebook. Page365 also offers its partners a payment gateway and fulfillment service. It has already served more than 350,000 merchants since inauguration.
  • E-commerce Fulfillment Service and Inventory Management Platform
  • Storage, order management and delivery. Sokochan offers the whole process that e-commerce merchants need. For ones who prefer focusing on selling, our full management service can complete all order fulfillment parts. Meanwhile, for ones who possess their own warehouses and manual teams, our Software-as-a-Service can take ecommerce parts and push the number of orders.
  • On-demand logistics platform
  • SKOOTAR is a fast-growing door-to-door logistics platform in Thailand. It offers small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) a simple and easy way for booking professional motorbike messengers who can go around Bangkok Metro Region.Used by tens of thousands of customers, the service connects users with messengers and turns a complicated process into a straightforward one which can be done in a minute.